Areas of Practice

Driving Offences

Impaired driving is when a person’s ability to drive their car (or other vehicle) is impaired by alcohol or drugs. Over 80 is when a person’s blood alcohol content is over the legal limit, which, in Ontario, is 0.08.  Dangerous Driving is where the manner of a person’s driving is dangerous to the public. 

In all cases, a conviction can have serious consequences, including the loss of one’s driver’s license for a year, or more.  The proper defence of these cases is often very technical and requires a lawyer with extremely broad knowledge of the law and the ability to extract the details of one’s defence. 

Randall Barrs has been successfully defending such cases for over 35 years and has the expertise to provide you with the result you are looking for.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include offences such as fraud, theft, secret commissions (bribery), insider trading, embezzlement, tax evasion, computer crimes, and forgery. Such cases are typcially very paper intensive and require the expertise of an experienced criminal law specialist who can work through large volumes of materials and understand the often complicated details.

Randall Barrs  has extensive experience defending those charged with white collar offences and has been recognized as one of the top criminal lawyers in Canada in the area.


Homicide means the taking, directly or indirectly, of someone’s life. It includes first- degree murder, second-degree murder, infanticide and manslaughter. These offences are considered among the most serious in Canada and attract lengthy jail sentences.

If you are facing a homicide charge, you want to ensure that your legal counsel has the expertise to properly defend the case. 

In his more than 35 years, Randall Barrs has successfully represented many people charged with homicide and, as a result, can assist you in obtaining the best possible result.

Domestic Assaults

Domestic assaults and sexual assaults are among the most common charges faced by our clients.  A domestic assault occurs when there is a non-consensual touching between two people who are involved in a relationship. 

A sexual assault is when there is a non-consensual touching for a sexual purpose.  These cases are often ‘he said-she said’ situations, where the credibility of each of the parties is the critical issue.  It is essential that your legal counsel has the experience to effectively cross-examine in order to obtain the best possible result. 

Randall Barrs is highly regarded for his expertise in cross-examination skills.

Regulatory Offences

Randall Barrs also works with  individuals and companies charged under regulatory statutes, including the Income Tax Act, the Securities Act, the Competition Act and the Occupational Health & Safety ActLiquor License Act.  

Over his many years of practice Randall Barrs has acted for both individuals and corporations charged under these, and other, laws.  It is crucial that your lawyer be familiar with the relevant statute and case law. 

Randall Barrs is well regarded for his broad knowledge in these areas.