J. Randall Barrs - Criminal Law Specialist


A graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School, Randall Barrs devotes his practice primarily to the criminal defence of individual and corporate clients in the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court of Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal and the License Appeal Tribunal in references from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario on discipline matters.

Mr. Barrs has also had involvement in criminal and extradition cases in Nova Scotia, Quebec, British Columbia, New York State, Florida, Texas, Illinois, California, The Caribbean, Europe and Hong Kong.


What we offer is a total commitment to the client with a history of winning cases or obtaining the best possible result. 

It is the attitude of the lawyer that determines whether a case is won or lost or a fair resolution reached.  Randall Barrs has earned a national reputation in all areas of criminal practice from complex white collar investigations to high profile drug and murder cases and from sensitive summary matters like Impaired Driving and Domestic crimes, to appeals. 

Mr. Barrs is widely recognized as one of the top trial lawyers in the nation and defended over 20 murder cases in his first decade of practice. 

Mr. Barrs also established himself as an expert in conspiracy, wiretap and search warrant law in the late 70s during the marijuana wars, and this carried through the 80’s and 90”s when Mr. Barrs was the most recognized defence lawyer in the Federal Governments interdiction of cocaine importation and trafficking involving USA, Columbia, Spain and Italy.  R. v. Sutherland in the Ontario Court of Appeal, remains as a highly significant search and seizure case. Mr. Barrs’ reported acquittals and low water mark sentence dispositions following evidence dictated pleas in large cases, are legendary.

Mr. Barrs was also the lead counsel on both Molsons “one” and recently “two”,  the largest marijuana cases in Canadian History. 

Mr. Barrs is a long time member of the Canadian Bar Association, the Criminal Lawyers Association and the Advocates Society, who has represented Canadian and International clients with criminal law issues.  Mr. Barrs remains at the forefront of the defence bar involving attempts by Federal Prosecutors to expand the reach of conspiracy law and is presently involved in high profile cases involving prosecution of mere suppliers of hydroponic grow equipment.