Widely Reported Cases:

R.v. Kelly Lavin and Rose (murder)

R. v. Ramjattam (murder)

R. v. Cadeddu (murder)

R. v. Ditta (murder)

R. v. Pelliccione (Loomis Truck Robbery)

R. v. Payne (Canada Trust Robbery)

R. v. Barry’s Bay (Speed Case – drug conspiracy)

R. v. Hatos and Hogan (murder)

R. v. Villella (2006 – drug conspiracy and gun smuggling)

R. v. Lista (drug conspiracy)

Club Link – The Lake Joseph Club (Impaired Driving and Liquor License Holder Issues)

Molsons Brewary Marijuana Grow Op

R. v. Cunningham (1997 Vehicular Manslaughter)

R.v. Strange (2001 – celebrity impaired case)

R. v. Rachel Allan (2003 – Bawdy House and Prostitution/Escorts)

R. v. Lorenz (2000 – murder)

R. v. Hackborn (Vehicular Manslaughter)

Luxor Nightclub (Kidnapping)

R. v. D’Agostino, Commisso, Szabo (drug conspiracy/extradition)

Spanky’s Bar (Adult Enertainment)

Casino Rama (loan sharking case – extortion)

R. v. Paul Mai (proceeds of crime)

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